Our high quality Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program is available before and after school each day of the school’s term. The service is run by qualified and experienced educators, in a dedicated on-site OSHC centre for the benefit of the school’s own students and also the wider community. Our popular and creative Vacation Care program is designed to emphasise holiday fun both while on site and on excursions. We also work together with the Hackham East Kindergarten to support families who are unable to facilitate the drop off and collection of their child.

Contact Information

We would love the opportunity to care for your children,

OSHC Director:

Ally Gradisar


0437 198 833


08 8382 3824


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Before School Care

Supervised Before School Care runs from 7.00 am until the classrooms open at 8.40 am. This service is offered to ensure children are cared for in a safe and welcoming environment.

The children are provided a breakfast bar containing a variety of nutritious cereals, toast with spreads and fruits. The children are able to enjoy breakfast at their leisure up until 8:30.

Kindergarten & Junior Primary children will be escorted to their classes at 8.40 am, the reception children being assisted during the earlier terms to settle into class. Middle and Upper Primary children are released to go to class once the bell has rung at 8.40 am.

After School Care

After-School enables families to work a full day, enjoy some respite or know that, should they be late for any reason, their child is cared for. The service is overseen by our Director Ally, who is supported by educators based on the national ratio standards for school aged children 1:15. The service is available from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Families can use this service on a casual basis or register for permanent reoccurring bookings. Children must be booked in prior to arrival, unless in an emergency. Bookings are taken over the phone, via text or email and also in person.

Reception children will be collected from their classrooms and walked over to the service. Any Kindergarten children will be brought over by the Kindy teachers.

During after school care the children are offered afternoon tea comprising of a fruit & vegetable platter and then a carbohydrate/dairy based snack. The children are provided with a quiet space to complete any homework and the educators are available to support the children during this time. The afternoon consists of a wide selection of activities both planned and spontaneous.

All Out of School Hours Care services are required to adhere to the National Quality Standards with regards to staff ratios, qualified staff, programming and planning, and more. Please ensure that were possible you do book your child in required, as we are only licensed for 59 children.

Vacation Care

The Vacation Care program provides quality care for children from Kindy to Year 7. The service aims to create a safe, caring and stimulating recreational environment for all children.

Vacation Care operates between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm. Excursions to places like AFL Max, Bounce and Wildlife parks occur at least twice a week along with incursions like Archery and Super Discos are held weekly. All children from the wider community are welcomed to partake in our program.

Enrolment & Fees

Our fee structure changes with the type of session. We offer before school & after school care, as well as pupil free days and vacation care. The fees have been outlined below, please be aware that these are the prices BEFORE any CCS (Child Care Subsidy) has been applied should you be eligible and is the price per session.

Before School $25 – $27 casual
After School $34 – $36 casual
Early Finish – $40 (last day of term)
Pupil Free – $68
Vacation care
Inhouse $68
Incursion $75
Excursion $90

If you would like to proceed, please contact the OSHC vis email oshc.director286@schools.sa.edu.au for a copy of our enrolment form; this will need to be completed and returned prior to attendance. We will also need a copy of your child’s immunisation record and any medical assessments (asthma, anaphylaxis, etc.), diagnosis reports (autism, speech delays etc.). Please also advise as to any dietary requirements.

We require a $50 security deposit prior to commencement, this is held until you wish to withdraw from the service and have cleared your account of any outstanding fees. If your account is closed due to non-payment, we will retain the bond.
The payment can be made to the following account:
Hackham East School Council OSHC
BSB 105-136
ACC #051540040
alternatively, you can visit the finance Office during school TERM hours to pay by card. No cash payments are accepted.

Invoices are sent out weekly. To have any CCS applied to your account, you will need to apply for CCS vis Centrelink prior to commencement and then accept the enrolment in your Mygov – Centrelink account once the enrolment has been accepted by the centre. Please ensure all CRN and birth dates are correct on the enrolment form. Please be advised that we will require your accounts to be paid weekly in full upon receipt of your statement unless there has been previous discussion with the Director to arrange an alternative. Any accounts with outstanding amounts of more than a week, will not be permitted to use the service until the amount owing is paid in full.

We are more than happy to calculate your gap payment amount, so you can easily project and track how much you will owe each week.

Service Philosophy

At Hackham East out of School Hours Care (OSHC), we strive to engage our families in high quality programs that are inclusive, engaging and most importantly fun! We seek to closely emulate the environment and care that a child would receive whilst at home. We promote learning and development, with a particular emphasis on play, social interactions, relaxation and recreation. Our philosophy on wellbeing, development and learning outcomes for our children reflect the “My Time, Our Place’ framework. Our programs and environment are designed with consideration in mind of each child’s unique gifts, interests and complexities. A focus on the identity and wellbeing of the child means we can cultivate confident and engaged learners.

We align ourselves with the school’s ethos of “We Care, Share and Learn” and value and recognise that each child is important and has individual needs and rights. We place great importance on inclusion. An inclusive atmosphere allows children to feel ‘at home’, and feeling at home helps them to better participate and interact with the environments that we create. This also creates a culture of safety and the capacity for open and honest conversation and support. We encourage children to explore a wide range of activities and experiences across different areas and play zones to engage and create meaningful learning experiences, to inspire deep engagement and foster curiosity. Our environment is structured in a way that promotes positive encounters, communication and relationship building.

Our educators are sensitive to the needs of our community and aim to build trusting and reciprocal relationships through open communication with those who use the service. Building strong bonds between families and educators is an integral part of solidifying our ‘OSHC community’. We endeavour to understand and value each family’s unique history, culture, language, traditions, child rearing practices and beliefs in a celebration of diversity. The service also endeavours to create strong links within the school and the external community in order to allow the children access to different experiences and gain a deeper understanding of how the greater community works.

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