The Arts

“The arts inform as well as stimulate; they challenge as well as satisfy.”
– Elliot W. Eisner

At Hackham East Primary, we offer an Arts program that is designed to teach students confidence, persistence, courage, collaboration, communication skills and self-expression. The program comprises 5 subjects – Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Media Arts. All students participate in a 50 minute lesson once a week incorporating these subjects, taught by the school’s Specialist Arts teacher. The program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum with a strong focus on creativity and critical thinking across all year levels. Students are encouraged to follow the school values of “ Pursuing their Personal Best” and “Participating to Progress” whether they are painting, making collages, miming, singing, drumming or creating soundscapes. Experiences in understanding and engaging with the artworks and practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as well as other global
cultures is clearly evident at Hackham East Primary.

An Arts Gallery is organised in Term 3 as part of our school’s Open Day to display various artworks that the students have produced. A “Singing for Fun” choir is a new lunchtime activity being offered once a week in 2021 with the view to becoming a performance choir in the Festival of Music in 2022.

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