All classes at Hackham East Primary School participate in one 50 minute French lesson once a week, run by the school’s Specialist French teacher. Each teaching unit is derived from the Australian Curriculum and encompasses communicating and understanding through teacher instruction and student participation. The French space is a welcoming and safe environment, where students are encouraged to try their Personal Best each lesson and use Courage to speak French in front of their peers.

The French classroom is a designated area for students to play games, sing songs, watch French videos and participate in conversation-based activities. Students have access to French iPads for research, translating, filming and presenting information. Each student is provided with their own French folder and workbook to store their written and visual work in, and this learning is taken home to at the end of each semester.

HEPS students and staff enjoy an annual French Day to celebrate and learn about aspects of French culture such a sport, art, fashion, food, dance and history. Parents are welcome to attend the French Assembly and students and staff are encouraged to dress up in French colours and outfits. The Canteen supports French at HEPS with special French lunches and French themed food throughout the year.

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