Physical Education (PE)

Students participate in two 50-minute lessons of Health and PE each week. Our lessons focus on fundamental movement skills, strategic thinking and interpersonal skills that align with our school values. We structure the program and class timetables to allow our specialists Health and PE teachers the option to combine same year level classes and team teach the curriculum. In doing so we provide:

  • Increased opportunities for formative assessment.
  • Timely feedback for our students.
  • Joint assessment and moderation.
  • Differentiation of the program for identified students.
Early Years (Reception – Year 2)

Our Strategic Focus in the Early Years is centered around self regulation, communication and team work. Students are supported to design their own games and teach them to the class. As a result; as our students continue into their Senior Years they demonstrate the skills and inclusive practices to organise their own games that include agreed rules and expectations resulting in fewer yard issues as students play and problem solve in collaborative ways.

Middle and Senior Years ( Year 3 – Year 6)

We aim to support students to demonstrate a deep understanding of fairness, self regulation, leadership roles and tactical understanding to organise all aspects of a competitive game. Intellectual stretch is provided through our expectation that students explain their thinking around choices, space and movement. We encourage high expectations and pursuit of individual ‘personal best.’

Sports Days

Our Sports Day is an annual community event with local sporting clubs and state organizations whom attend and run small sided games and clinics in a carnival format. Students compete in their year levels representing their house colours for the chance to win the Sports Day Shield and have their house banner added to the display in our gym.

Sports in Schools

Over the past five years our specialist teachers have won more than $40,000 to invest in new equipment and specialist clinics as part of our PE program. It takes a village to raise a child. At Hackham East, we believe that introducing our students to sports and clubs available in the community is integral to developing our students’ health, relationships and skills to expand and contribute to their own support networks and to our village. These programs include Aus Kick, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Dance, Lacrosse, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Athletics, Orienteering, and Cricket.

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