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Student Character Stories


The very weird day with Goo Head and friends

 One sunny and cloudy day on Planet Quick Time, Goo Head, Smileman and Pug Dude were in

Goo Heads backyard. Smileman and Pug Dude were watching Goo Head practice his goo

motorbike racing. Goo Head had a big goo motorbike race that was going to happen that night and

he really wanted to win. He wanted to win so much that started to feel very nervous.

While he was practicing Goo Head heard a growl coming from his stomach. This sounds bad he

thought to himself. Before he knew it he started to get the butterflies which made him feel very sick.

Suddenly the butterflies became too much for Goo Head, he was so nervous that he did the

strongest fart in the world. Goo Head was very worried, the pressure of his fart was so strong that

he felt his body blow apart and saw his goo motorbike exploded into a zillion pieces.

Suddenly Pug Dude came up with a great idea. He said they should put Goo Head and his goo

motor bike back together. But, he knew that this was going to be very hard. Smileman heard Pug

Dudes idea and thought that it was great so he came over to help. Pug Dude and Smileman

started to separate the parts of Goo Head from the parts of his goo motor bike so that they

wouldn't get confused between the two. Once they had separated the parts and put Goo Head

back together they all started to rebuild the goo motor bike. Luckily the parts hadn't flown too far

away so they were able to put it back together easily and quickly. They put it back together so

easily and quickly that Goo Head still had plenty of time to get to his goo motorbike race.

Even though Goo Head felt very nervous and he and his motor bike had fallen apart and been put

back together all on that day he managed to beat his nerves and win the giant golden trophy.

Goo Head

Mr Pig Gets Lost

One very boring day Mr Pig decided to go on a holiday to New York. Mr pig has 1000

pets and is friends with Mrs Pig, Mr Horse and Mrs Horse. He checked with his friends to

see if they also wanted to go to New York and they said yes. He got them all into his cart

along with all his pets. After a long boring trip they finally got to the airport. Then they

had to wait again until they could get on to the plane. When they got on the plane they

didn't have to wait long since they lived quite close to New York. When they got there Mr

Pig lead them to their hotel room. Then they had to go to sleep because it was very late.

The next day Mr pig decided that he wanted to surprise the others with breakfast when

they woke up. When he got outside he couldn't choose between bringing a map or not

so he just went with no map. He had walked quite far when he realised that he didn't

know his way back to his hotel room. He kept walking, hoping that he would find some

food anyway. After a long time he started to wonder if any shops would actually sell

anything he liked because he only likes things with meat in it. He ended up just getting

vegetables for everyone. What can I do now I have no idea where our hotel room is he

thought to himself. Suddenly he saw all his 1000 pets coming around the corner. They

told him how to get back to their hotel room and he followed. When he got there he gave

all his friends the vegetables for breakfast even though it was late.

Mr Pig


The Mysterious Walk

One hot day on the Sun Smileman and his friends Goo Head and Mario went for a walk. While they

were walking they spotted something mysterious about 50 kilometres away. They decided to walk

towards it. When this mysterious thing turned around they realised it was the famous monster

called Beau. Smileman, Goo Head and Mario were extremely scared, shocked and unable to

move. Beau stomped towards them, he was very happy because he was feeling super hungry.

Beau reached out his muscly hand and grabbed Smileman, Good Head and Mario by their finger

tips. Smileman, Good Head and Mario felt extremely scared because they thought they were going

to die. Beau dangled all three of them over his mouth then suddenly he let go. Beau swallowed

them whole. Smileman, Good Head and Mario slid down Beau's gooey and mouldy throat.

While they were sliding down Beaus' gooey and mouldy throat Smileman stretched his arm out.

Luckily Smileman had a grappling hook as an arm. He grappled on to Beau's jaw and managed to

get away. Goo Head and Mario were still stuck and still felt scared and as though they were going

to die. Goo Head remembered that he had sticky super powers so he slid up Beaus' gooey and

mouldy throat. Mario was now sliding down Beaus' gooey and mouldy throat all by himself. He was

happy that Smileman and Goo Head had managed to escape but still felt scared and as though he

was going to die. Just before Mario landed in Beaus' stomach he remembered that he had the

strongest jumping powers in the world. He super charged his little legs, used all his might and

jumped right out of Beau's mouth.

Smileman, Goo Head and Mario were all together again. They were so happy that they all survived

that they had a huge celebration. They decided that the next time they saw something mysterious

on their walk that they wouldn't go towards it in case it put them in

another near death situation.

The Mysterious Walk