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Hackham East OSHC & Vacation Care provides a fun filled, exciting and entertaining program for children aged 3-15 years old.

Following the school's ethos of "We Care, Share and Learn" we provide a service that both parents and children will like.

Children are cared for in a supportive environment with experienced staff. We provide opportunities for children to take on responsibilities with our chore charts and caring for our OSHC pets (Lizzie the Blue Tongue
, Penny the Rabbit and Buster the Cat).                                                                               


At the same time children will enjoy the variety of activities that we offer, such as craft, science, sports, cooking, and games. Don't let me forget our exciting excursions on school holidays, to places like the Zoo, Semaphore Water Park, Kuitpo Forest, Wildlife parks, Team Trampoline as well as Mystery Trips, Laser Zone, and Geocaching.




Interested and want more information? If your question is not answered below, please contact Jacky, the OSHC Director who will be more than willing to answer your questions or show you around our facilities.


Service Philosophy:

Hackham East OSHC strives to provide a safe and supportive environment to the children in its care. We are a child focused service that treats its families and children with care, compassion and respect. Children are encouraged to grow, experiment, learn and have fun in a safe and caring environment.


Staff are experienced, knowledgeable, fair, and have a strong duty of care to their charges. OSHC strives to be a fun, inviting place for all children with the school’s motto of Care, Share and Learn at the heart of all we do. Children are encouraged to be part of a family environment where they take on responsibility as well as grow and learn with the support of staff and their peers. Staff and children also embrace the school’s virtues of friendliness, tolerance, persistence, courage, compassion and good manners.



The OSHC is located in the Easton Unit and is accessible to parents via the staff access road/carpark. We share the OSHC space with the rest of the school during the day, and therefore have a kitchen, craft area and large activity room to utilize. We also have access to the playgrounds and gym.




Opening Times:

Before School Care: 7:00am – 9:00am

Breakfast is served at 7:45am-8:10am. Toothbrush packs are also included in the price of Before School Care and are available for children to use whilst at OSHC.

Children attending kindergarten or in reception are accompanied by a staff member to Hackham East Kindergarten or their classroom and staff will assist them with the morning routines.

After School Care: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Children attending kindergarten are bought over to OSHC by the staff at Hackham East Kindergarten on the conclusion of their day. Children who are in reception are collected from their classroom by a staff member or responsible older child.

Afternoon Tea is generally served at 4:00pm and will consist of a Fruit Platter, dairy product and a snack (see the OSHC Menu on our notice boards & fridge for details).


Vacation Care: 7:00am – 6:00pm

Breakfast is served at 7:45am-8:10am. Toothbrush packs are also included in the price of Vacation Care and are available for children to use whilst at OSHC.

We ask the parents to provide Recess and Lunch, just as you would on a normal school day. Staff are happy to heat up noodles, microwave meals or ‘toasties’ for children on Non-Excursion days.

Afternoon Tea is generally served at 4:00pm and will consist of a Fruit Platter, dairy product and a snack (see the OSHC Menu on our notice boards & fridge for details).



At Hackham East OSHC children have access to individual and group activities as well as indoor and outdoor sessions. Everyday activities include Hama Beads, games, toys, electronics, Playdough, Lego, wool crafts, making, painting and dress ups. In addition we provide an educational and fun program of special activities including art, sport, science, and cooking. We are also fortunate enough to offer the children experience in caring for pets with our resident Blue Tongue Lizard, Lizzy and our OSHC cat Buster who often comes to visit.



An enrolment form and $50 Bond MUST be completed before a child can be accepted into the program for either OSHC or Vacation Care. Forms are available from the OSHC or the Front Office or the Hackham East Kindergarten.



Before School Care: $11.50 per session

After School Care: $20 per session

Vacation Care: $51 per day 1st February - 30th June 2017; $52 per day 1st July 2017 onwards.

Casual Rate Fee (for bookings outside your regular sessions): $2

Please note these rates are what is charged before Childcare Benefits (CCB) and Childcare Rebates (CCR) are applied, so depending on your individual circumstances there may not be very much of a gap. Please speak to the OSHC Director if you would like further information regarding costs.



For Permanent Bookings and Vacation Care, please complete a Booking form, available from the OSHC office. For Casual Bookings before and after school care, you can book by visiting the OSHC office or by leaving a message with the School Office Staff or via the OSHC Mobile Phone or send us a PM on Facebook.

Contact Information


We would love to hear from you.


OSHC Director: Jacky Smith

Mobile: 0437 198 833

Phone: 08 8382 3824

Email: Oshc.Director286@schools.sa.edu.au


Rating & Assessment and the National Quality Framework:

Our service is committed to providing the local and school community a quality program. As such we are committed to not only meeting the standards set out in the National Quality Framework, but through our Quality Improvement Plan, dedicated staff and supportive community, aim to exceed them.

In November 2015 we received our National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Report where we achieved the following Ratings:

Assessment and rating summary

Quality Area 1, Educational Program and Practice, is rated Exceeding National Quality Standard

Quality Area 2, Children’s Health and Safety, is rated Meeting National Quality Standard

Quality Area 3, Physical Environment, is rated Meeting National Quality Standard

Quality Area 4, Staffing Arrangements, is rated Meeting National Quality Standard

Quality Area 5, Relationships with children, is rated Exceeding National Quality Standard

Quality Area 6, Collaborative partnerships with families and communities, is rated Meeting National Quality Standard

Quality Area 7, Leadership and Service Management, is rated Meeting National Quality Standard

Overall rating Meeting National Quality Standard


The Hackham East OSHC Service continues to look for ways to improve our service and support the families and community of our area. Feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion or comment on how we can continue to do this.


Quality Program:

The Hackham East OSHC Service was recently rated in Exceeding in our Educational Program and Practice. The ‘My Time, Our Place’ Framework is embedded into our everyday practices. We also have an emphasis on the children developing autonomy in directing their play. Children are encouraged to assist in programing and planning, and are given opportunities to explore, learn and grow in a supportive environment.

Children are also encouraged to take on responsibilities through the use of a ‘chore chart’, looking after animals and planning for activities/excursions. Children regularly write posts on our Closed Facebook Group for parents, updating them with what has been happening and what is coming up.

Recently the children began our OSHC garden, which has led to the building of a worm farm. As the garden develops, the children have been finding other ways to support our environment and develop sustainable practices.

Our program is constantly growing and changing with the direction of the children and is a vibrant exciting place to be. We look forward to your children joining us and seeing where their input will take us on our journey.





The Hackham East OSHC Service fosters positive and harmonious relations between all levels of management. Every committee member has the right to a harmonious and responsive working environment. Solutions are sought to all disputes, issues or concerns that affect the operation of the service in a fair and prompt manner.


For further information, please refer to our Grievance Procedures or speak to the Director.