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Hackham East Kapa Haka Group

two girls in costumesOur Kapa haka group was first established in 2009 beginning with boys being interested in learning the traditional New Zealand haka (war dance). Interest grew very quickly and we were able to create a full group with both girls and boys.

Kapa haka has been a highly successful strategy in teaching students song, dance, coordination, singing skills, team work and team building. Students are encouraged to reflect upon their own identity as a member in today’s society and how they came to be. Some questions students are asked to reflect on are, “Who am I?”, “Where does my family connections stem back to?”, “How do I identify and connect to the community in which I live?”, “Do I understand differences of myself and others as well as their cultural background?”

In term 3 we have the pleasure of introducing Vicky Beazley (Whaea Vicky) who has offered to volunteer and teach our kapa haka group. For me has been a huge support as I have developed new commitments this year that have taken me away from my role often as music teacher and kapa haka tutor.

We can expect to see some new and exciting routines as students are well grounded in learning new material. They will benefit greatly from the experiences and challenges that Whaea Vicky will teach them.

Music Teacher/Kapa haka tutor

Erina Anderson & Whaea Vicky Beazley

children performing