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CPS Worker

Who is your C.P.S.W?

Hackham East Primary School is fortunate to have the services of a Christian Pastoral Support Worker. The C.P.S.W is a Christian with special skills for working with young people and their families in the school community.

Hackham East Primary C.P.S.W

Julia Osborn

Hi, my name is Julia Osborn I have been at the school now for five years. I love my role as the Christian Pastoral Support Worker and the diverse roles this position covers. I am married with five grown up children and eight grandchildren. They keep me very busy. I love having them over on weekends for sleepover nights, they all get on really well. I have a little Jack Russell boy dog named Zac. I also have quite a lot of gold fish in two big ponds in the back yard. I enjoy gardening and spending time with my family, also relating to the children, parents and staff at out school. I love meeting people of all ages and cultures. Hope you will make yourself known to me. I would be happy to meet you.

"I am here to provide care, support and encouragement to the whole school community"

Christian Pastoral Support Program

In a Government School the program is primarily a service of pastoral care for students and their families, also staff who want this support. Christian Support Workers are not in the school to evangelise on behalf of a particular faith group. Their role requires them to respect both secular character of the Government School and the variety of thoughts and beliefs within the School Community. As a Christian presence in the school, the School Christian Pastoral Support Worker represents and encourages key Christian values, and celebrates the diversity of Christianity. The School Pastoral Support Worker is jointly accountable to the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) through the School Principal, Schools Ministry Group and local Christian Churches.

Who employs our Christian Pastoral Support Worker?

Julia is employed 18hours per week by the Schools Ministry Group and Hackham East School through the Federal Government Funding. Julia is also supported by Hackham East Primary School, S.M.G. and the local Christian Churches.

Julia's School Hours

Monday: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 3:30pm

You'll find her In the school yard

Working along side Teachers and Students

Support Sports Days

Parents Room (Penny Unit)

Accompanying classes on excursions/camps


Ph. (08) 8382 3824

Fax. (08) 8382 3054

Email. Julia.Osborn765@schools.sa.edu.au

Please feel free to drop into the Parenting Room in the Penny Unit to say hello, and have a cuppa and chat with me. I would be so happy to see you. You can also call the Front Office and have the staff page me. You may also leave your phone number and i will catch up with you.

Please remind your children the days i am available at the school if they need to talk to me. I am also here for parents , grandparents and carers to give you support, referrals and have a friendly chat.

Julia Osborn